Sewer cleaning and video inspection in Vendres

Do you live in Vendres, near Béziers, and are you experiencing persistent odour problems in your home? It's highly likely that your drain is clogged. In this article, we'll tell you about the recent drain cleaning and video inspection work carried out by Les Experts du Débouchage in Vendres. This operation enabled us to solve unpleasant odour problems and revealed a break in the pipe. 

Solution to drain odour problems

The first stage in the work carried out by the Unblocking Experts was to understand the cause of the odour problems in the house. After a thorough assessment, we identified a major blockage in the pipe linking the bathroom and kitchen. This explained the recurring blockages reported by the tenants.

Drain cleaning for a complete cleaning

To remedy this blockage, we used a technique called hydrocleaning. This method involves spraying high-pressure water down the pipe to dislodge accumulated deposits and blockages. Thanks to our expertise and specialised equipment, we were able to clean the entire pipe, restoring the flow of wastewater.

Video inspection revealed a break in the pipe

After cleaning, we carried out a video inspection of the pipe. This advanced technology enabled us to detect a break in the terrace in front of the kitchen. We pinpointed the location of the break and provided photos to facilitate future repairs.

Broken pipe
Broken pipe

Explanation of problems encountered and solutions

The broken pipe explains the various blockages reported by tenants. Debris and residue have accumulated there, creating recurrent blockages. However, rest assured that this break can be easily repaired, as it is only 76 cm deep under the terrace. Once repaired, these clogging problems should be solved once and for all.

Conclusion and recommendations

In conclusion, our drain cleaning and video inspection services in Vendres, close to Béziers carried out by Les Experts du Débouchage solved the odour problems and detected the presence of a broken pipe. If you are faced with similar problems, don't hesitate to call on the expertise of Les Experts du Débouchage for effective solutions. Protect the health of your pipe system and avoid inconvenience by scheduling regular maintenance of your pipes.


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