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Débouchage de Canalisation à Pérols : How a Pile in the Garden Can Cause Recurring Problems

When you experience frequent blockages in your drains in Pérols, there may be an unexpected cause hidden right under your feet. Clogged drains are a source of frustration for many homeowners, but did you know that the root of the problem can sometimes be found in your garden? In this article, we'll explore how a simple stake planted in the garden can lead to recurring blockages and how the Unblocking Experts can help you solve the problem.

Unblocking the pipe by hydrocleaning followed by video inspection

After an effective unblocking by hydrocuring from the outside manhole, the Unblocking Experts carried out a thorough video inspection of the pipe in Pérols. This inspection revealed the presence of a pile in the pipe, which explains the recurring blockage problems. Thanks to this inspection, we were able to pinpoint the exact location of the pile on the surface, which enabled us to solve the problem once and for all and ensure that the pipe would function at its best.

Locating the problem on the surface

Our advanced technology also enabled us to pinpoint the position of the pile on the surface. This valuable information then enabled us to solve the problem once and for all, by removing the pile and ensuring that the pipeline functioned optimally.

camera locator
camera locator

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