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Drain unblocking in Lunel: a successful operation to eliminate intrusive roots!

Lunel is a beautiful town where many households can experience problems with blocked drains. Recently, our team of drain unblocking experts were called out to an urgent job where a tree root had infiltrated from the manhole, causing a complete blockage of the drain. In this article, we'll take you through this successful intervention and explain why you should use our services if you have a blocked drain in Lunel.

Drain blocked by roots

When we were contacted for this job in Lunel, we immediately understood the urgency of the situation. A tree root had managed to penetrate the pipe from the outside manhole, causing a total blockage. This type of problem can lead to wastewater overflows and major inconvenience for Lunel residents.

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roots in manhole on pavement invasive on pipe to house
roots in manhole on pavement invasive on pipe to house

Our team of unblocking experts is made up of qualified professionals with experience in the field. We have the tools and skills needed to deal with complex situations like this. When we carried out our work in Lunel, we hydrocleaned the pipe to remove debris and roots blocking the passage. We then carried out a thorough video inspection to check that the problem had been completely resolved. This essential step enables us to guarantee our customers that their pipe is back in working order and free of any potential blockages.

Unblocking and cleaning the sewer from the manhole to the house
Unblocking and cleaning the sewer from the manhole to the house

Are your drains blocked in Lunel?

Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any pipe problems in Lunel. Our team of experts is equipped with the latest technology and techniques to solve your drain problems efficiently and guarantee lasting results. Put your trust in the "Experts du Débouchage" for a quality service in Lunel!


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