Unblocking a drain in Sérignan: Roots involved

When a pipe is blocked, it's essential to call in competent professionals to solve the problem. Les Experts du Débouchage recently carried out a memorable job in Sérignan, where an invasive root was blocking the pipes. Thanks to their expertise in unblocking drains and the use of advanced techniques, they were able to detect the root using a camera inspection, cut it using hydrocuring, and then pinpoint its location on the surface, facilitating the necessary repairs.

Detecting the root using camera inspection

When the team from Les Experts du Débouchage arrived on the scene, they immediately carried out a thorough inspection of the pipe using an inspection camera. This cutting-edge technology allowed them to explore the inside of the pipes and see exactly what the problem was. They quickly identified an invasive root that was blocking the pipe and causing flow problems.

Root cut by high-pressure hydrocuring

To eliminate the root effectively, the Unblocking Experts have opted for hydrocleaning. This method involves using pressurised water to dislodge blockages and clean the inside walls of pipes. Using specialised equipment, they were able to direct a powerful jet of water towards the root, gradually cutting it off and restoring the normal flow of wastewater.

Surface location to facilitate repairs

Once the root had been cut, the team at The Unblocking Experts took additional steps to facilitate subsequent repairs. They used surface locating techniques to determine the precise location of the cut root. This information was invaluable in identifying the exact location where repairs needed to be carried out, minimising the damage and associated costs.

Locating the root on the surface
Locating the root on the surface

Are your pipes blocked in Sérignan?

The work carried out by Les Experts du Débouchage in Sérignan to remove a root blocking a drain was a complete success. Thanks to their expertise in unblocking drains, the use of camera inspection to detect the root, hydrocleaning to cut it out and surface location to facilitate repairs, they solved the problem effectively and permanently. If you're experiencing drain problems in Sérignan, don't hesitate to call on the Experts du Débouchage, your trusted local specialists.


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