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Pool leak detection and repair without breakage


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3 packages to locate and repair your pool leaks.


  • Endoscopic camera
  • Surface location
  • Pipe inspection


  • Water / air pressurisation
  • Video inspection
  • Fluorescein test
  • Hydrophone search

without breakage

  • Epoxy resin
  • Marine silicone
  • vinyl patch (liner repair)
  • Inflatable sleeve
  • Lining on quotation*.

What our customers say

Forget about your pool leakage problems...
We can be there in less than an hour!

Our professional equipment to detect and locate your swimming pool leaks 7 days a week in the Hérault

Pressurising your pipes

The most effective test to find a leak in a swimming pool is to pressurise its pipes.

This video shows how to quickly find the cause of a major water loss due to a leak in a swimming pool's brush socket.

The exact location of the leak can be determined by camera inspection or by injecting air under pressure into the water-filled pipe.

The air, through the leak, makes a noise feature detected on the surface by specific devices. 

Video inspection of your pipes, nozzles and skimmers.

Our video cameras allow for easy diagnosis while obtaining accurate images for accurately locate the defective section of your pipes.

Pool leak detection and precise location with a Hydrophone

The hydrophone is an ultra-sensitive device that allows you to detect leaks in your pool thanks to the micro turbulence they generate.

The hydrophone is also used to locate a leak in a buried pipe during the pressure test and the bubbling of the air injected into your pipes.

Hydrophone leak detection

Geo-located endoscopic camera

Once the leak is detected, simply look for the camera head on the surface to see where to dig if the repair is not possible from the inside.

A repair without breakage (lining) may be considered for pipes with a minimum diameter of 50 cm, without a 90° bend before the crack.

Geo-location camera

95% leaks can be repaired in less than an hour without the need to break... Stop wasting water and enjoy your pool again!

How can you repair a cracked skimmer, a leaking discharge nozzle or a brush socket without breaking?

Leakage from a fitting located in the inlet of the pipe

Our patented sleeve inflates into the pipe like a winter plug to repair the leak.

The function of your nozzle, skimmer or sweeper socket is retained because the sleeve has a hole in the centre to allow water to flow through. 

We can repair almost any cracked connection without breaking your slab and without plumbing.

The photo on the right shows a discharge nozzle sleeve.

inflatable sleeve to repair a leak on a discharge nozzle without breaking

Leak in a buried pipe

A broken pipe at a depth of 2 m under the terrace that you have just built: the absolute hell that we would not wish on anyone!

The experts offer you, thanks to a no breakage" solution to rehabilitate your drainpipes by injecting epoxy resin at the site of the damage.

This solution, after a high pressure cleaning and a perfect cleaning, allows you to recover all the efficiency of your pipes. 2 hours of intervention, without moving a flower pot, nor destroying your garden or your terrace.

Opposite is a pipe reconstructed by lining.

pipe lining

Cracks in skimmers, brush sockets, nozzles, torn liner...

Repair of small cracks by applying professional quality epoxy resin.

We use vinyl patches to solve leakage problems on liners.

The specialist in pool leak detection in the Hérault

Located in the heart of the Bassin de Thau, we intervene the same day and without extra charge for a pool leak search in all the communes of the Hérault (34)

Montpellier, Béziers, Sete, AgdeBalaruc-les-Bains, Balaruc-le-Vieux, Gigean, Poussan, Villeveyrac, Mireval, Vic-la-Gardiole, Loupian, Montbazin, FrontignanCastelnau-le-Lez, Mauguio, Lattes, Marseillan, Mèze, Bouzigues, Juvignac, Villeneuve-lès-Maguelone, Saint-Jean-de-Védas, Saint-Gély-du-Fesc, Le Crès, Lunel,...

Travel to neighbouring departments (Gard, Aude) possible on estimate and depending on availability.

Frequently Asked Questions Pool Leaks

To check if your pool is leaking, simply place a bucket full of water on the first step of your pool. Note the water level in the bucket and in the pool. 

Wait 24 hours and then compare the levels:

If the gap between the two lines has increased compared to the day before: your pool is leaking!

Leakage or evaporation? the bucket test
Leakage or evaporation? the bucket test

Air bubbles in your pump or discharge nozzles are evidence of a leak that is causing air to enter your pipes.

This leakage is usually located in the technical room just before the engine, as the air is sucked in with the water.

These air inlets must be sealed to avoid damage to your engine. Our detection devices are perfectly designed to locate this type of leak. A repair can be carried out the same day.

We can intervene in all the neighbouring departments (Gard, Aude, Pyrénées Orientales...) depending on our availability. An extra charge will be made for travel, as the package only applies to the Hérault department. Do not hesitate to contact us for a precise estimate.

The unblocking experts are the only professionals in your region to offer pricing in the form of all-inclusive package and no surprises. You will not be charged anything extra, regardless of where you live (in the Hérault) or the time of our intervention.

The transparency of our rates is your guarantee!

We only intervene in the case of a repair without breakage: repair of Skimmer, nozzles, liner with Epoxy Resin, marine silicone... For buried pipes, the lining is possible if the pipe has a minimum diameter of 50 and no 90° bend before the leak.

If you have to break to fixIf you have a leak, we can recommend a local plumber who is often much more available than a pool specialist during the peak season. The leak being very precisely locatedThe repair is done in record time.

No, the detection by hydrophone or Fluorescine is done in a full pool. If your pool is empty, we can pressurise the pipes to check their watertightness. The best thing is not to empty the pool to do a complete leak detection.

In 80% of cases, we intervene the same day. If we are unable to respond (or if you are not located in the Hérault), we will inform you of the possibilities of an appointment as soon as we receive your call. Knowing that we are open 24 hours a day and 7 days a week

We accept all credit cards, cheques and cash.

For interventions on estimate (repair without breakage), a payment in 3 x without expenses is possible, by bank card.