Frontignan Plage: Rapid intervention for a blocked drain caused by a root canal

When you have problems with a blocked drain in Frontignan Plage, it's essential to call on experienced professionals to solve the problem quickly and efficiently. Recently, Les Experts du Débouchage were called in for an emergency job where a root had blocked the pipe between the manhole in the street and the main drain in the house. This complete blockage caused malfunctions in the house's sanitary systems, including the toilets, kitchen and bathroom. Find out how the Unblocking Experts successfully solved this problem.

Accurate diagnosis and identification of the obstruction

When we arrived on site in Frontignan Plage, we immediately carried out a full diagnosis of the situation. Thanks to our expertise and the use of specialist tools such as pipe inspection cameras, we were able to pinpoint the exact location of the root blocking the pipe. This precise approach saved us time and minimised potential damage.

Root in the drain at frontignan plage
Root in the drain at frontignan plage

Root removal by high-pressure hydrocuring

Once we had identified the blockage, we implemented an intervention strategy tailored to the situation. We used high-tech equipment such as high-pressure unblockers to dislodge the root and restore the normal flow of water in the pipe. This method completely eliminated the blockage, restoring the proper functioning of the home's plumbing systems.

A tree fence involved

The tree that blocked the last fence at the manhole.
The tree that blocked the last fence at the manhole.

Are your pipes blocked in Frontignan Plage?

In Frontignan Plage, blocked drains are a common occurrence because of the oleanders. As experts in unblocking drains in Frontignan, we are fully aware of this recurring problem. Thanks to our responsiveness and expertise, we intervene quickly to remove any blockages, whether caused by roots or other causes, ensuring that your home's sanitary systems run smoothly. Rely on our dedicated team for efficient unblocking and exceptional customer service in Frontignan Plage.


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