Pipe inspection

When the forensic police investigate in your pipes...

The experts have an endoscopic camera that can be geo-located in terms of distance and depth, allowing precise action during the unblocking operation. This camera can also be used to "map" your installations (to find a manhole, to detect breakages, etc.).

This precision camera will record and photograph the blocked areas of your pipes, so there will be no surprises. A video report will be sent to you by email at the end of our visit.

Locating a buried pipe or manhole

Our locator allows the camera head signal to be traced to limit the costs of work on a non-visible pipe.

We will be able to accurately locate a buried manhole and also determine its depth.


Geo-location camera

How much does a camera inspection cost?

120€TTC whether your pipe is empty or full of clean water. 

The inspection may require unclogging or cleaning of your system. In this case we will apply the fixed price to 250€ INCL. VAT.

These rates will be increased by 20% in case of intervention on weekends and public holidays.

Unclogging of pipes with video inspection

We inspect your pipes at the best price 7 days a week!

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