Pipe inspection


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When the forensic police investigate in your pipes...

When dealing with plumbing problems, unclogging experts can use an advanced endoscopic camera to examine pipes in depth and distance. This geo-locatable camera allows for precise and efficient intervention during unblocking operations, while mapping the installations to detect damage or blockages.

With this camera, the experts can record and photograph the blocked areas of the pipes, providing a no-surprise intervention. At the end of the operation, a video report will be sent by email to provide proof of the condition of the pipes before and after the intervention.

How to locate a buried pipe or manhole

To locate buried pipes or manholes, our team of experts uses a state-of-the-art locator to trace the signal from the camera head. This advanced technology reduces the costs associated with working on invisible pipes.

With our locator, we can also accurately determine the depth of a buried manhole, allowing us to carry out more efficient and less costly repair or maintenance work. Whether it's locating underground pipes for new construction or locating a manhole for renovation work, our team is equipped to handle all your pipe locating needs.

Geo-location camera

How much does a camera inspection cost?

We offer affordable rates to meet your needs.

If your pipe is accessible, empty or full of clear water, the cost of the camera inspection is 110€TTC. However, if the inspection reveals the need for unclogging or cleaning of your installation, we will apply a fixed price of 250€ incl. VAT to cover these additional services.

We believe that transparency is essential when it comes to pricing. That's why we are clear and upfront about our prices, so you can make an informed decision about your pipe inspection.

Unclogging of pipes with video inspection

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Video inspection with The Unclogging Experts

Clogged drains can cause many problems in a home or business, from a bad smell to flooding your property. If you have already tried traditional methods of unblocking drains, such as chemical unblockers, without success, it may be time to opt for a video drain inspection. At The Unclogging Experts, we use state-of-the-art equipment to inspect the inside of your pipes and identify the location and cause of the blockage.

Why is it necessary to do a camera check after each unblocking?

Video pipe inspection is a modern and effective method of identifying the location and cause of a blockage in a pipe. Video inspection uses a high-resolution camera attached to a flexible pipe to capture real-time images of the inside of your pipes. This allows our technicians to detect cracks, leaks and blockages in pipes without having to demolish them. Video inspection is also useful for inspecting the overall condition of your pipes and preventing future problems.

How does video inspection work?

Video inspection begins with the insertion of the camera into the pipe to be inspected. The camera is pushed through the pipe using a flexible hose, and the images are transmitted in real time to a monitor. Meanwhile, our technicians analyse the images to detect cracks, leaks, blockages or any other problems in your pipes.

The benefits of video inspection with The Unclogging Experts:

  • Accurate detection of the cause of the blockage : Video inspection allows for accurate detection of the location and cause of the blockage in your pipes, enabling us to implement a solution tailored to your situation.
  • Save time and money: By avoiding demolition of your pipes, video inspection can save you time and money by reducing repair and maintenance costs.
  • Preventing future problems : Video inspection can also help to identify potential problems before they become major issues, allowing preventive repairs to avoid higher costs in the future.

If you are experiencing problems with blocked drains, video inspection is a modern and effective solution to identify the cause and location of the blockage. At The Drainage Experts, we are equipped with the most advanced technology to provide our customers with a superior service. Contact us now for more information on video inspection