Unclogging drains

Our experts will come to you in less than an hour in the Hérault!

Drainage and unblocking 24/7 at the best price!

Forget your problems with blocked drains...
We can be there in less than an hour!

The best recommendations come from our clients

Better than a simple unclogging...
Hydro jetting unblocks, cleans and sanitizes your pipes!

Blocked pipes: causes and our solutions

Your body's veins and arteries can't handle fat and excess, and neither can your pipes!

Like a surgeon, the experts use high-performance equipment to clean up your network.

Water and only water, sent at very high pressure in your installations (up to 350 bar) to destroy and clean all your pipes (diameter 32 to 200mm).

Our light emergency vehicle is adapted to any environment (narrow streets, steep paths, garages...)

Hydrocleaning: an effective, sustainable and environmentally friendly solution to unclog your pipes from toilets, sinks, showers to sewers.

No clog can be avoided. The experts have several nozzles (specific hydrocleaning heads) to achieve a perfect unblocking in almost all situations (roots, broken pipes, sand, limescale, laundry residues...)

The unblocking procedure is carried out in less than one hour in 95% of cases.

the main causes of a blocked pipe

Our unblocking packages are all inclusive and without surprises:

No costs to add: travel to all areas included, no overtime... 

Frequently Asked Questions

Plumbers are our prescribers and privileged partners, they are specialists, but they do not have the equipment for this type of intervention because it requires a very specific investment (endoscopic camera, hydrocureuse, etc.).

Plumbers usually use our services for drain unblocking so that they can concentrate on their core business.

Hydrocleaning consists of unclogging and cleaning your pipes with a very high pressure "kärcher" equipped with specific ferrets. The nozzle goes up and cleans your pipes until it destroys the blockage. 

Drain cleaner nozzle

Nozzle Hydrocurement 1

The unblocking experts are the only professionals in your area to offer a single all-inclusive pricing with no surprises.

You will not be charged anything extra, regardless of where you live or the time of day. The only exception is an extra charge of 20% for weekends and public holidays.

The transparency of our rates is your guarantee!

Our ferrets work with a pressure of 350 bar (they comply with French and European standards) and are therefore safe for your pipes.

If a leak is detected by the camera, we can offer you a repair without breakage thanks to the "lining" technique.

In 80% of cases, we intervene the same day. If we are unable to respond (or if you are not located in the Hérault), we will inform you of the possibilities of an appointment as soon as we receive your call. Knowing that we are open 24 hours a day and 7 days a week

We accept all credit cards, cheques and cash.

For interventions on estimate (repair without breakage), a payment in 3 x without expenses is possible, by bank card.