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Your sink is blocked or has a very bad drain

What to do when a sink becomes blocked?

  1. Dismantle the siphon under the sink and clean it
  2. Buy a ferret in a supermarket and try to unblock the situation: ideal for small local clogs 
  3. Call the unblocking experts if no solution works (Destop, ferret, acid, bicarbonate of soda, boiling water)

Soap plugs are responsible for more than 80% of total sink blockages.

The soap cap is a paste that usually forms in pipes when water stagnates due to a low or reverse slope.

The cooking fats and the washing machine detergents form a paste that hardens in your pipe until it is filled to 100 %. the dough dries to a chalk-like hardness

Hydrocleaning is the only technique that allows you to permanently unblock and clean your pipes

The unblocking experts use only water to remove the most stubborn soap clogs.

Our latest generation nozzles are calibrated to make the most of a 350 bar pressure, while saving the water needed to unclog the drain.

Your pipes will be perfectly clean after our intervention, you will enjoy a like-new installation!

Photo 1 shows a "soap plug" in a 40 diameter sink pipe and photo 2 shows a soap plug coming out of a main pipe (diameter 100).

Soap clogging can fill your entire pipe: this is why all other unblocking techniques (unblocking with a mechanical plunger) are totally ineffective.

How can I avoid a soap clog?

Unfortunately, there is no miracle recipe. These clogs form when the slope is too shallow or even reversed.

In this case, it is therefore necessary to carry out a preventive cleaning of your pipes every 2 or 3 years to prevent these blockages from forming. 

Soap plug in a 40 mm diameter sink pipe
Soap plug in a 40mm diameter sink pipe
Soap plug from a house main (diameter 100)
Soap plug from a house main (diameter 100)

Experts in unclogging sinks or washbasins by hydrocuring

Your sink is blocked, you have tried everything (Destop, ferret) and you can't unblock it... contact us for a hydrocurement to unblock and clean your pipes!

Kitchen and bathroom drains are usually narrow (32 or 45 diameter). The main cause of blockages is a narrowing of the diameter by clogs of soap, lime, and fat. The only way to get the flow back to where it was on the first day is to hydrocleaning

Conventional ferrets can be used to create access but do not solve the problem: the pipe must be cleaned from the inside if you do not want the blockage to re-form.

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